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Here at MAGIC CHAT SHOP It is All About The Experience. Everyone of you has to decide to create their own Magic. There are no special potions or instant Magical spells to buy here. Only Helpful, Energetic Healing and Guidance From Myself and My Healers, from our genuine hearts' of Joy and Love.

*Before making a purchase here Please Read this...

Due to the nature of the products offered here there will be no refunds granted. Once you have decided to make a purchase, you are agreeing to a binding contract. The Speaker's Offer will be shared with you and easily downloaded into your own personal devices. *We both know that once an Mp3 has been purchased a store can not offer a refund. The mp3's have become yours for life.

I feel that My Experts have poured alot of their Time and Expertise into their work and they should receive the Proper Financial Rewards for a Job Well Done. Wouldn't You Agree? So Before You Decide To Invest In Any Of The Special Offers Here.... Please Ask All Questions That You may have pertaining to the Product. Once You have made Your Purchase You'll need to Contact the Product Creator for assistance with the item(s).

*MAGIC CHAT SHOP AND MAGIC CHAT LIVE Can not treat and diagnose medical conditions. Please see a Medical Doctor if you need care. We can not claim to change your life instantly or offer you the only cure in the World. Everyone's situation is unique and the Solutions and the Timing it takes all comes down to You and the Universe.

We do not sell your personal information.

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JOIN ME IN MY MAGIC CHAT POD It sure beats those bumpy broom rides. lol